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The English curriculum as drawn from the Victorian Curriculum, comprises Reading, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Strathmore Primary School engages all students in growing their literacy skills and becoming literate.


Strathmore Primary School provides a developmental Reading, Writing and Spelling program. Our school is committed to the Early Years Literacy Program (Prep to Year 4) and the Middle Years Literacy Program (Years 5 & 6).  Parents, specialist teachers and classroom teachers provide support for our literacy program, individually, collaboratively and inclusively in our classrooms.

Currently, we are implementing the whole school writing program, ‘Big Write’ and ‘VCOP’ through Andrell Education ( This program engages students in writing by enabling them to fluently engage with, critique and improve their writing, through the focus of vocabulary use, connectives, sentence openers and punctuation use.

Throughout the school, Literacy skills are taught within the context of the English program and the Inquiry Curriculum Program. 

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The Mathematics program at Strathmore Primary School aims to develop the students’ numeracy skills, language, understanding and fluency, so that the children are able to solve problems and participate in situations involving Mathematics in their day to day life. The program is delivered through daily lessons where the children experience Mathematics in practical and engaging tasks. The students’ progress is monitored and measured against the Victorian Curriculum. The school has worked with Michael Ymer to improve the ways in which we deliver the maths curriculum. Teaching staff also regularly engage in Professional Development to keep their skills current in this area.


Strathmore Primary School  makes use of a range of technologies in the implementation of learning tasks.  The school offers our students the best possible opportunities in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

iPad Program

The school purchased an Apple iPad for the use of students in Foundation to Year 4.  We have also implemented a 1:1 BYOD iPad program in the Year 4-6 classrooms.  The program has proved to be so promising that the school is trialling an extension of the program across the Year 3 grades.

Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) and Flat Panel Screens

The school has purchased IWBs /Flat Panel Screens for all classrooms.  Some of these are fixed screens as well as mobile screens on movable trollies.  Some classrooms are equipped with IWBs using projection and Apple TV technology.

These Screens are current technology, and highly engaging pieces of equipment for the children.  Screens can be used to view teaching videos and learning tasks.  They have access to anything that is on the teacher’s note book computer, including internet sites and resources.


Our Library at Strathmore Primary School is a place where children engaging in reading is the focus.  It is well stocked with picture books, junior novels, novels, non-fiction and a variety of reference books.  We aim to provide an environment where children enjoy reading, especially in our comfy furniture.  Children learn skills to help them make the best use of the Library such as understanding that picture books have one letter, novels have three letters and non-fiction uses the Dewey Decimal System.

Physical Education

Strathmore Primary School provides a high quality Physical Education (PE) program for every child. It is designed to develop positive attitudes, knowledge and skills that equip students for a healthy and active lifestyle. Our comprehensive program provides children with a wide range of physical and sporting experiences focusing on the sequential development of fundamental motor skills, games, gymnastics, dance, athletics, swimming, health-related fitness and sport education. To implement the P.E. program, we have access to excellent facilities including a hall, tennis equipment, basketball/netball and bat tennis courts. We also run school-based house competitions in cross country, athletics and swimming to promote a sense of community and connectedness.


Our specialist LOTE Italian program provides a broad introduction to both the language and culture of Italy in visual, spoken and written form.

The children learn to communicate in a Language Other Than English and gain intercultural knowledge and language awareness by listening, speaking, reading, writing and watching. This results in the children being able to speak and write with confidence through the means of basic geographical orientation, correct pronunciation and the practice of simple conversational phrases in dialogues and role play.

There is a strong emphasis on song and practical activities to encourage participation, confidence and engagement.

The children become proficient in counting, expressing the time, learning colour vocabulary, offering greetings, knowing family members and answering questions.

Strathmore Primary School is a strong advocate of Individualised Learning and utilises ICT tools such as Languages Online and other language resources to facilitate this learning process in Italian LOTE.

Visual Arts

In the Arts programs at Strathmore Primary School, students have the opportunity to create, make, explore and respond to Art works in a variety of ways. Students make links between the Arts and other subject areas. Our Arts programs have specific goals or targets and we approach teaching the arts in different ways, depending on the specific type of art form. Our programs incorporate Art, Music and Performing Arts.

The Art program at Strathmore Primary School introduces students to a broad range of visual art forms. It is designed to develop creative thinking and expression, and to give students basic skills within the areas of painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, textiles and construction. Exposure to a wide range of artworks gives students the ability to respond appropriately to art in their world and provides a creative influence for their own work. Project themes also facilitate cultural, environmental, historical, social and emotional learning. Students are given the opportunity to participate in contests and community exhibitions. Achievement in Art is celebrated through display of student artwork around the school.


Through our Music program students gain skills and techniques in a wide variety music and performing arts disciplines, e.g. playing instruments, getting into character in drama and remembering dance sequences. Through this program, students are exposed to a wide range of music, drama and dance works that they may not otherwise encounter. Students have many opportunities to create their own music, dance and drama and the opportunity to reflect on it as part of the learning process. Cooperative learning and our school’s PBS values provide students with positive social and emotional development. This aspect also helps to develop leadership within our students.  Every second year, all classes have the opportunity to participate in a whole school production.