About Us

Strathmore Primary School was established in 1944, with an enrolment of 42 students, to serve the educational needs of the urban development to the north of Essendon. Located just eleven kilometres northwest of the city, this a leafy residential area adjacent to the Tullamarine Freeway and is well served by public transport.

The present school population is currently 510 students with an increasing number of students drawn from outside the traditional catchment area. The backgrounds of students reflect a cultural and socio-economic diversity including a number of children from non-English speaking backgrounds. Parents generally have very high expectations of their children and of the school.

This is a very exciting time in the life of Strathmore Primary School as major building works commenced in June 2017.

Stage 1 will include the construction of a new Administration Wing on the Lloyd Street side of the school and renovation of classrooms (anticipated completion date December 2017).

Stage 2 will include demolition of the old prep building and construction of a new Visual Arts / Performing Arts building and separate Sports Stadium.

Stage 3 will involve new asphalt, grounds and garden work.

The end result will  be a fantastic state of the art facility which will benefit the local Strathmore community for years to come. The entire project is due for completion by August 2018.

A number of longstanding traditions contribute to a stable yearly routine that serves the community and students by promoting enthusiasm and parental involvement at a variety of levels. Some examples events are  …

  • House Swimming Carnival
  • House Athletics Sports
  • House Cross Country
  • Bat Tennis Competition
  • Biennial Arts Festival
  • Biennial Science Fair
  • Biennial State Schools Spectacular
  • Biennial School Concert
  • Biennial Carols
  • Strathmore 5000 Billy Cart Race
  • Biennial Fete

Strathmore Primary School also provides an excellent camping program that includes a Year 2 overnight sleepover at the school, a three day Year 3/4 camp and a five day Year 5/6 camp. Every second year our Year 5/6 students attend a Canberra Camp.

Specialist subjects at Strathmore Primary School include Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Library, PE and Italian.

The school community believes that students learn best when they are happy. There is a commitment to fostering a safe and supportive learning environment by developing co-operative behaviours and respect for the rights, feelings and property of others. The School Council and the parent community are dedicated to maintaining and improving the school, its facilities and equipment for the benefit of its students. Many hours of voluntary work are contributed to maintenance tasks and fundraising. The students and staff receive outstanding support from the very hardworking Parents’ Club. There is an influential community spirit within the school and an embedded culture of parent participation in a variety of school activities.