Positive Behaviour and Values Education

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and Values Education at Strathmore PS

At Strathmore Primary School there is a school-wide approach towards positive student behavior. We refer to this approach as the “Positive Behaviour Support” Framework (or PBS). There are three areas in the framework, being; Safety, Respect and Learning. In each learning space, a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Matrix is displayed, outlining specific actions that are expected with regards to Safety, Respect and Learning across activities at school. This covers the classroom, the yard, events or on excursions as well as when using the internet or other forms of digital learning. The Matrix acts as a consistent guide for students to know how to behave and learn positively in these contexts.

School Values

Strathmore Primary School has recently aligned its School Values with the PBS Framework. For each area of the PBS Matrix, Key Values have been selected following a process that involved surveying students, the student-led “Resiliency Project”, teachers and parent members of School Council. The graphic below demonstrates the alignment between the areas of the PBS and the School Values.

Safety IconSAFETY

I act safely and show care for others

Key Value: 


Respect IconRESPECT

I respect people and property

Key Values:


Learning IconLEARNING

I am open to new learning and take responsibility for my effort

Key Values:


The Learning Key Values of InspireExplore and Challenge were selected as part of the School Strategic Plan in 2014, to represent the values that are held regarding the teaching and learning program at the school. The school’s Positive Behaviours and Values help to create a sense of community and belonging at Strathmore Primary School where learning occurs at the optimal level.

Values Education – “Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships”

The school uses the Department of Education and Training’s “Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships” age-appropriate resource as part of its Values Education program. Throughout the year, students are engaged in age-appropriate learning about values and behaviours that support development and understanding of:

  • Emotional Literacy
  • Personal Strengths
  • Positive Coping
  • Problem Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Help Seeking
  • Gender and Identity
  • Positive Gender Relations

Through the Values Education program, students are also educated about safety, including cybersafety, anti-bullying and age-appropriate awareness of risks to safety in the community, including environmental, physical and emotional safety, risks posed by other persons and how and where to seek help when safety is compromised.

Acknowledging Positive Student Behaviour ClassDojo Logo

At Strathmore Primary School, we believe that it is important to acknowledge positive behaviours and efforts of students. There are often opportunities for students to be acknowledged in special events, however, as a school, we believe it is also important to acknowledge the “everyday” positive behaviours displayed by students. Teachers use the program “Class Dojo” to acknowledge positive behaviour by students at school. Students can be awarded Dojo points at any time of the day for Safety, Respect and Learning, which are the three key areas of the school’s PBS framework. Students accumulate these points over the year and additionally, each week, “Dojo Champions of the Week” will be identified from each class in the school as well as one for each specialist program. These students will be acknowledged at Assembly and will receive a certificate in class acknowledging their positive behaviour. Additionally, a plaque-sized version of the certificate will displaed in the Hall as a reminder of the positive behaviours from students from throughout the year.



If at any time, you would like to raise an issue regarding the needs of your child/ren in relation to learning or social/emotional matters, classroom teachers provide a good first port of call. Additionally, please feel free to make contact with the Assistant Principal or Principal, particularly if there is a need to discuss more sensitive or complex information. Strathmore Primary School prides itself on being a school that implements a thorough approach towards supporting students with learning and wellbeing. Good communication between parents, teachers and school leadership enables this to occur.